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 Jeff Hardy's contract

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PostSubject: Jeff Hardy's contract   Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:22 am

Just copy and paste this empty contract template and then paste it in to a new topic in the contract section, post it and wait for it to be accepted/rejected

Wrestler name: Jeff Hardy

Billed height: 6'2

Billed weight: 215 lbs

Frequent moves: Spine Line (Armlock cloverleaf),Sitout jawbreaker,legdrop from a ladder or top turnbuckle,Sitout inverted suplex slam,Plancha,Mule kick,Baseball slide,Diving clothesline off a barricade,Hardyac Arrest(Rope-aided corner dropkick),Double leg drop to an opponent's midsection

Signature moves: Whisper in the Wind

Finishing moves: Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb

Theme: No More Words by EndeverafteR

RP your own match or have it written for you: I guess have it written down for me (can this change later?)

Heel/Face/Tweener: Face

Sample RP (Even if you want your match RP'd, put some effort in): "Hardy's music hits and crowd goes nuts" Jeff Hardy does his usual entrance and pyro goes off and goes side to side high fiveing the fans. Get's in the ring and jumps to the middle turnbuckle doing his usual taunts (Hardy boyz signs). "Hardy grabs the mic"

JH: Man it is good to back in the middle of this ring.

"crowd cheers and Hardy soaks it in"

JH: I missed this,I missed the fans and I missed being who I use to be, I regret any of the TNA and anti-christ bullcrap and I want to publicly say I'm sorry and I hope you accept.

"crowd pops even louder and Hardy is happy they accepted"

JH: Now on to bigger things like the HDW World Title. I don't care who the champion is or will be, I will become World Champ again because I've been World Champion 5 times and no one in the back will stop me from reaching the top yet again because I AM THE EXTREME ENIGMA,THE LEGEND THRILLER,THE RAINBOW HAIRED WARRIOR, I am Jeff Hardy"

"Hardy's music hits again and Hardy starts going around the ring high fiving the fans"
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Jeff Hardy's contract
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