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 IDM's contract

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PostSubject: IDM's contract   Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:51 pm

Wrestler name: IDM

Billed height: 6'3

Billed weight: 232

Frequent moves: suplex, germen suplex, belly to belly suplex, side suplex, belly to back suplex, ddt, clothsline, facebuster, jumping kick to head, side slam, all dirty moves, any way of cheating possible.

Signature moves: flying cross body, angle slam.

Finishing moves: 450 splash, superkick.


RP your own match or have it written for you: written for me.

Heel/Face/Tweener: heel.

Sample RP (Even if you want your match RP'd, put some effort in): (i know i suck at this) IDM walked to the ring, music blaring. but no matter hw loud the music was, the crowd was louder. "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" idm looked into his opponent's eyes, and held out his hand. his opponent took it and begain to shake it, IDM kicked him down low. as his opponent bent down he ave him a germen suplex. IDM took out a pair of brass knuckles, as his opponent got up, he clocked him in the head with it. 1...2...3! "THAT CHEAP LITTLE @$$! what a cheepskape!" yelled jr. IDM grabbed a mic. "yeah thats right... boo all you want... thats right. THE TRUTH IS IM BETTER THEN YOU! IT"S TRUE! THAT"S WHY YOU BOO ME. BECUSE to steal one from jbl... I"M A WRESTLING... GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idm threw the mic down and walked backstage.
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IDM's contract
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