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 Match Types

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PostSubject: Match Types   Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:20 pm

  • Normal
Normal, one-on-one match. Disqualifications and count-outs are includeded.
  • Tag Team
Any two wrestler teamed up against one other team. Other variations: tornado tag (both partners are in the ring at the same time), 3-6 man tag (more partners), and handicap (one man against two or more people, sometimes two men against three or more people).
  • No-DQ
No-disqualification; anything goes. Other variations: no holds barred (same as no-DQ, but without countout) and hardcore (same as no holds barred, but with weapons laying outside the ring).
  • Inferno
The ring is surrounded by flames. To win, you must set your opponent on fire.
  • Scaffold
Fight on a scaffold above the ring. Win by throwing your opponent off the scaffold. The ring is filled with tables to break the fall.
  • Taipei deathmatch
Normal, no-DQ match, but with glass shards taped/glued to the wrestlers' fists/knuckles.
  • Submission
Win by making your opponent tap. Variations are: ultimate submission (a timed match, with whoever tapping out the most in that time losing) and submissions count anywhere (opponent can tap out anywhere in or outside the ring).
  • Falls count anywhere
A no-DQ match where you can pin your opponent anywhere in or outside the ring.
  • Iron Man
A timed match, where whoever gets the most pinfalls in that time wins.
  • Ladder
A normal, no-DQ match where, to win, you must set free the object hanging above the ring (generally a championship).
  • Tables, ladders, and chairs
Often abbreviated to TLC. Tables, ladders, and chairs are found in and outside the ring. To win, you must take whatever is hanging above the ring (briefcase, championship, etc.) like in a ladder match.
  • Hair vs. Hair
Normal match where the loser gets their hair shaved. Other variations: hair vs. mask (loser either gets their hair shaved or unmasks, depending on which they have) and mask vs. mask (loser must unmask).
  • Buried Alive
A normal no-DQ match where, to win, you must put your opponent in a coffin outside the ring, close the lid, then proceed to dump a bulldozer full of dirt on top of the coffin.
  • Casket
Similar to a buried alive match, however, the coffin/casket is right outside the ring, and there is no burying of the opponent.
  • "I Quit"
A normal, no-DQ match where, to win, your opponent must say "I Quit".
  • Pit of Tacks
The sides of the ramp are filled with thumbtacks. To win, you must throw your opponent into the pit of tacks.
  • Cross
Invented by Austin Cross. To win this match, you must tie your opponent to a cross leaning against the turnbuckle.
  • WCW Triple Cage
Three cages stacked atop eachother, descending in size as you go up. To win, you must exit out the top cage.
  • WCW Chamber of Horrors
A cage match where, later in the match, another cage is lowered into the ring containing an electric chair. To win, you must strap your opponent to the chair. Generally done as a six-on-six tag match.
  • Punjabi Prison
Three cages inside eachother, with none having a top/ceiling. After a certain amount of time, the referee will open the door on the first cage, then the second (if one or both wrestlers are in the second cage). The referee only opens the door twice, so if you don't get a chance to get out, you must climb up the cage that has barbed wire on the top. To win, you must climb out of the final cage.
  • Steel Cage
A traditional cage match where, to win, you must climb out the top of the cage to ringside. Other variations: extreme steel cage (weapons are available inside the cage).
  • Hell in a Cell
Similar to the steel cage match, however, this one has space outside the ring and a top. The cage can be exited and climbed on top of.
  • Barbed Wire Deathmatch
The ring ropes are replaced with barbed wire, and various barbed wire-wrapped weapons are available outside the ring.
  • Bed of Nails Deathmatch
A bed of nails is placed outside the ring. To win, you must throw your opponent onto the bed of nails.
  • Elimination Chamber
A traditional 6-man elimination-style match, with the ring surrounded by a cage. Opponents are in pods surrounded by glass, and after 1 minute another opponent is released from the pod.
  • Royal Rumble
A 30 or 40-man over-the-top-rope elimination-style match.
  • Battle Royal
Like Royal Rumble, but generally with less competitors; usually 5-20, and sometimes with pinfall as an elimination (as opposed to over-the-top-rope).
  • Table
A normal, no-DQ match where, to win, you must put your opponent through a table.
  • Ambulance
An ambulance is parked on the top of the ramp. To win, you must put your opponent in the back and close the door.
  • Stretcher
Similar to an ambulance match. However, you must tie your opponent to a stretcher (as opposed to putting them in an ambulance).
  • Last Man Standing
A normal, no-DQ match where, to win, your opponent must stay grounded for 10 seconds. This can be anywhere in or outside the ring, but the opponent must not be moving while they're down for the ref to count them.
  • First Blood
Pretty self-explanatory; a no-DQ match where, to win, you must cause your opponent to bleed.
  • Special Referee
This could be any match type. However, the referee is generally another wrestler.
  • Lumberjack
A normal, one-on-one match (generally with DQ intact, unless stated otherwise). However, each wrestler has 10-20 "lumberjacks" on their corner, who generally distract the opponent if they get on their side. Wrestlers generally wear flannel shirts, like a lumberjack to fit with the gimmick of the match.
  • 2 out of 3 Falls
A normal match (generally with DQ intact, unless stated othewise) where to win, you must get the pinfall a minimum of two times.
  • 3 Stages of Hell
A normal, generally one-on-one match with the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation intact, where the wrestlers will compete in a specific three matches in a row. For example, the first match could be normal. Right after, they have a no-DQ match. After that, they will finally have a cage match. If one wrestler gets two pinfalls in a row, the third match will not be competed in.

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Match Types
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