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 RP Courtesy of Chris Jericho

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PostSubject: RP Courtesy of Chris Jericho   Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:16 pm

JR: By god what is Chris Jericho Doing here he has no business being here

King: What a replacement We are gonna have a great match

Tazz: Jericho is finally gonna get some Justice and deliver punishment

JR: he is already injured but The GM already said that this match is on

Chris Jericho enters The curtain Holding his waist walking down the Ramp

Justin Roberts: From Winnipeg Manitoba
Weighing in at 226 pounds
Chris Jerichoooo!

*Chris Jericho enters the ring and stands waiting for his opponent to emerge*

*Bell rings*

Ziggler hits a super kick

Jericho lays on the ground motionless
*Ziggler exits the ring and looks under the ring frantically searching for a weapon*
*he has a cocky smile across his face as he pulls out a table*

he brings it in the ring as Y2J gets up Ziggler attempts to put Jericho on the Table but Y2J evades and hits a dropkick Dolph lands on the floor quickly and stays down Y2J seeing this goes outside the ring and gets a chair he enters quickly as Dolph gets up looking for Jericho he smacks him on the Face with the chair
*the sound of the chair echoes throughout the arena*
Y2J is relentless and keeps smacking him at the same time Yelling how that feel Ziggler come on get up give up the chair finally breaks and Jericho throws it aside
goes for a pin 1 2 kickout

Jericho goes for his modified sleeperhold and Ziggler feeling the immense pains squirms around trying to get out Jericho tightens the hold but Ziggler is getting up fighting the hold and delivers some elbows to Jericho's injured waist Jericho lets go

Ziggler exits the ring rapidly as he can see how angry Jericho has become
ziggler Gets a Kendo Stick while Jericho just taunts Ziggler by saying you fear me you are nothing without me
Ziggler paces back and forth thinking if he made a mistake but enters the ring and tells Jericho i have no regrets as he charges with the kendo stick the first attempts hits and Jericho screams in agony then Dolph uses the Kendo stick preparing a russian leg sweep with the Kendo stick it connects
as Jericho hits the mat he screams at the top of his lungs and holds his back then with an angry look on Ziggler face he uses an elbow one
three times then he looks at Jericho with disgust and hits a big elbow Ziggler goes for a cross body while Jericho is on the mat but Jericho couters and runs at the apron and hits a Moonsault
cover 1 2 kickout

Jericho picks up Ziggler and uses a stalling suplex and holds Ziggler above the Table and drops him on the Table Ziggler is knocked unconcious
but Jericho refuses to tag him as he gets a sledgehammer from the ring
and hits Ziggler with it various times but Jericho throws it away
Ziggler is up and they both trade some blows then they both run to the apron then they both hit a clotheline
the ref starts the count





well some of it at least XD
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RP Courtesy of Chris Jericho
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