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 Trent Barreta contract

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PostSubject: Trent Barreta contract   Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:55 pm

Wrestler name: Trent Barreta

Billed height: 6'1"

Billed weight: 203 lbs.

Frequent moves:
  • Enzuigiri
  • snap suplex
  • slingshot elbow drop
  • running somersault senton
  • superplex
  • snap DDT
  • high knee to a cornered opponent
  • (sometimes springboard) dropkick
  • (sometimes from the top rope) frankensteiner
  • Asai moonsault
  • diving or springboard corkscrew senton to a standing opponent
  • flying forearm smash
  • European uppercut
  • springboard moonsault

Signature moves:
  • Guillotine leg drop to an opponent draped between the ropes
  • Gobstopper (running single leg high knee)
  • Somersault plancha

Finishing moves:
  • Dudebuster DDT (springboard tornado DDT)


RP your own match or have it written for you: I'll write it myself

Heel/Face/Tweener: Face

Sample RP (Even if you want your match RP'd, put some effort in):

The camera zoomed into a small area backstage, where Jim Ross was sitting on a lounge chair. Across from him was Phillip Phillips.

Hello folks! Good ol' J.R. here, and I managed to get the number one contender for the EEW Championship, Phillip Phillips to take some time out of his busy day to be interviewed!

The camera zoomed into Phillip.

Thanks for having me, Jim. It's a pleasure.

They shook hands, then Jim began to speak again.

So, Phillip, first question... what made you join Eagle Eye Wrestling?

Well, I've wrestled everywhere in my day. Japan, America, tons of different promotions... and EEW just seemed different... and it was new, I was one of the first to join. And the thing is, once wrestling companies become big, people really look back at you as a big part of it if you were one of the first to join. And you know what? I really don't regret it. It's a nice place.

How would you describe your style of wrestling?

It really can't be described. I don't think I could put it into just one category... I like to change it up a bit, use a little bit of everything... high-flying, martial arts, brawling, powerhouse, technical... I like to do it all, so it doesn't get boring really fast, like some people...

He looked back towards the locker rooms briefly, as if directing his comment at the other wrestlers in EEW.

So, Phil, what makes you think you're going to win this title match?

Phillip smirked.

You see, there are so many things I have that Zeke Nero doesn't. Talent, charm, charisma, power, strength, skill, experience... Zeke has nothing. Hell, he probably learned to wrestle by watching it on TV as a kid!

What will you do if you become the first ever EEW Champion?

"If"!? Come on, Jim, we all know I am gonna walk out the first EEW Champion. Anyways, back to the question... what won't I do? With that belt, I'll pretty much be the king of this company. And, you know, I would say I'd kick ass, but I already do that, and I do it better than anyone else. All that championship will do is prove my mad skill.

Would you consider any of the men on this roster "competition"?

Phillip let out a muffled chuckle, trying to contain his laughter.

"Competition"!? Yeah, that's some real tough competition. Listen, those men couldn't beat up a crippled six-year-old with a steel chair. You see, they're all just wannabes. Zeke? He's a wannabe backyard wrestler. Triple H? He's a wannabe legend. CM Punk? He's a wannabe poster boy. Chris Jericho? He's a wannabe fan favorite. They're all just wannabes, but the truth is, they'll never be as long as I'm around.

There was an awkward silence. Phillip had nothing more to say, and Jim had no way to reply to Phillip's comment without playing favorites.

Well, thank you for your time Phillip. It was nice talking to you.

You too.

They shook hands one last time, then both stood up and parted, walking off in different directions.
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Leon Young

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PostSubject: Re: Trent Barreta contract   Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:57 pm

Denied, you can only have one Superstar, bitch.
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Phillip Phillips


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PostSubject: Re: Trent Barreta contract   Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:20 pm

Bitch, you told me to sign up again, so I did.

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PostSubject: Re: Trent Barreta contract   

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Trent Barreta contract
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