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 Kigi Kingston Contract

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Kigi Kingston

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PostSubject: Kigi Kingston Contract   Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:19 pm


Name: Kigi Kingston

Weight: 235lb

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Billing location: Ghana

Alignment: Tweener (If you have too many of one type then I'll be the other)

Entrance theme:

Common moves:
1)Running Shining Wizard
2)Crucifix Head-Scissors
3)Diving Elbow Attack (Opponent Standing)
5)Springboard Kick (Like Cody Rhodes Does)

1)Super Kick
2)Irish Whip Rebound Spine-Buster
3)Diving Leg Lariat

1)Pump-Handle Power Slam
2)Punt Kick

Sample roleplay: The following is from when I was in RPW as Kofi Kingston

Kofi raises his mic to his lips,

Really? Really? You're calling my CHARACTER stupid? All I do is be myself, you're the one that pretends to be something that you're not, A MAN!

The fans cheer until Sheamus steps forward and gets in Kofi's face, Kofi carries on talking, not even phased by the massive frame of Sheamus,

I have nothing to hide, I am Kofi Nahage Kingston, and proud to be, YOU on the other hand are so ASHAMED of your real name that you won't even perform under it, and who can blame you, Sheamus O'Shaunessy it has a built in yawn, come on guys say it with me, SHEAMUS O'SHYAAAAAAAWNESSY

The fans chant along with Kofi and make sure to excentuate the yawn.

Or even, Sheamus O'Snoressy, come on, SHEAMUS O'SNOOOORESSY

The audience chant along again, tailing off at the end of the word and feigning sleep,

Come on Sheamus, who do you think you're fooling, acting all tough, do you remember who it was that eliminated you from the battle royal at All Out Brawl? Oh yeah, me!

The crowd cheer as Sheamus stands there, speechless,

Who do you think you're talking to, I remember that moment like it was yesterday,my boot, your face, BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Sheamus: But...

No Sheamus, this isn't your time to speak, now shut your damn mouth before I shut it for you!

Kofi drops his mic to the floor as Sheamus swings for him, Kofi swings back but is thrown into the corner by Sheamus's brute force, Sheamus sprints towards Kofi, preparing to clothesline him to oblivion when suddenly Kofi moves through the ropes and performs a pendulum kick, sending Sheamus staggering backwards into the middle of the ring.

Kofi then climbs the turnbuckle and dives 10 feet into the air onto Sheamus with a high crossbody, knocking them both to the ground in a trmendous show of ability.
Sensing that Sheamus wasn't going to stop there, Kofi lifts The Celtic Warrior to his feet and then, with all the force he can muster, irish whips Sheamus into the ring ropes, which barely stay in one piece after the 272 lb mass of Sheamus smashes into them.

Kofi stands, staring at Sheamus as he comes running towards him, timing what was to come next perfectly in his head, and just as Sheamus is about to run straight into him, Kofi leaps into the air, leapfrogging Sheamus perfectly, the ropes on the other side of the ring are now tested as Sheamus slams into them, although, like their cousins on the other side of the ring, they also withstand the pressure and send Sheamus reeling back to Kofi.

Not flinching, Kofi stands in the center of the ring and jumps at Sheamus with all his power, both hands striking the massive Irishman by the chest and sending him plummeting to the ground.
Kofi stands up and looks around then walks out to backstage, with Sheamus staring angrily at him from the ring.

Write your promo yourself or have me write it for you: (see here)
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PostSubject: Re: Kigi Kingston Contract   Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:35 pm


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Kigi Kingston Contract
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