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 The Thin Line Between "wrestler" and "Cody Rhodes"

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Phillip Phillips


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PostSubject: The Thin Line Between "wrestler" and "Cody Rhodes"   Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:08 pm

The camera shows Phillip wearing a tank top, gym shorts, and sneakers. He is violently nailing a punching bag with right and left hands everywhere. All of the sudden, a familiar voice begins to speak offscreen.

Phillip, how do you feel about losing your International Championship to Cody Rhdoes in your first title defense?

Phillip huffed, not taking his eyes off the punching bag. Finally, after a flurry of more punching, he stopped and turned to Jim, wiping the sweat off his brow.

"Lose"? Jim, I didn't lose that title. Cody took it from me.

Phillip sat down on a nearby bench then took a swig of water.

You see, Jim, I thought I've seen massive whores in my day. But Cody... Cody... he just blows all those other whores away. Cody thinks I'm a "fluke" champion. Which, first of all, makes zero sense. It was really his own fault he lost.

Phillip took another drink of water.

Anyways, you see, it takes balls to wrestle.

He accompanied this statement by appropriately pointing to his crotch.

But, the thing is... Cody Rhodes has a vagina.

Phillip smirked slightly, then got up and began to walk away.

Thanks for your time, Phillip.

Phil blatantly ignored Jim as he exited the training room.

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The Thin Line Between "wrestler" and "Cody Rhodes"
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