Two of the best e-feds around... joined into one.
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 You really thought I'd quit?

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Leon Young

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PostSubject: You really thought I'd quit?   Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:28 pm

All of a sudden, the lights died down, there was an eerie silence, the crowd shocked and confused as to what was happening..

Then, almost unthinkably, Hearts burst in too fire blared on the loud speakers, and the movie of ex HDW owner Leon Young flashed upon the tron. Young appeared at the top of the stage, gazing at the crowd. The crowd gazed back in disbilef, why was he here? Why did he leave in the first place? So many questions written upon their faces. Young descended down the ramp, climbed in too the ring and demanded a mic from ring side.

Young put the mic to his lips, let out a little laugh and began to speak; 'Ha, you all seem so surprised. You really thought I'd leave you guys, after everything, after pouring my tears, my sweat in too making this fed a success; you really thought i'd just up sticks and leave with out so much as a goodbye? You people have got to be kidding me. I wouldn't leave this for anything in the world, no matter how much certian people would have you believe. I came back to clear a few things up, so lets gt this thing started'

'You see, my DREAM, my ambition, my want with everything in my body was for HDW to become a success. And at first, it was. Undoubtably, it was 10x the success of any feds I've seen. We had 15+ dedicated workers, each phenominal in their own unique way. We had more guys who were casual bystanders as HDW rocketed to e-fed fame. Things were looking absolutley fantastic, and then EWF came knocking.'

'You see, this e-fedding business, it's all about making the right decision, making your fed accessible to the masses. Someting former EWF manager Phillip Phillips didn't know anything about, thus his fed failed and crashed in too the ground. Then he decided to come and try his hand at forging a partnership with me, wanting me too make his fed successful again. Of course, me thinking of Phil as a friend, I accepted his cry for help. I did my upmost, but no matter what I did, nobody, and I mean NOBODY wanted to join EWF.'

'I just didn't get it, why not? Why was HDW so much better than EWF? then, it hit me. People just didn't get on with Phil, they didn't see him like I did. So they left, and came running to HDW. Of course, at the time, I didn't think anything of it. If anything, I was delighted. People were choosing my fed over many others that had been around a lot longer than HDW. However, what I didn't realize was that I was hurting a personal friend of mine. He had the same dream as me when creating EWF, and I'd taken it all away from him.'

'I did the only thing I could do in that situation, I offered him co-owner status of EHDW, I claimed it was a merging of two successful feds, but it was just HDW with a diffrent name. Things started off well, but then it started'

'Phil became controlling, he wanted to make all of the decision. The hirings, the firings. Everything, He evern wanted to write my shows for me so 'his PPV's' would make more sense storyline wise. I demanded an explination, to which I never really got a proper reply. Just a fleeting response. This went on for months, each day he became more and more controlling. And eventually, I just gave in. I told him to write me off, make it look as though he was in full control of EHDW from now on. Of course, he did so very successfully.'

'I watched, as EHDW became everything I hate about e-feds. The fancy graphics, the false advertising. Even the conversaiton between the users seemed more competitive and mean-spirited than it had done in the old days of HDW. I watched some more, The Golden Dragon, who was undefeated for many months in HDW, just forgotten about, Replaced with guys like Mark Henry and Cole Scorpio. Not surprisingly, two of the guys who featured heavily on Phils brand during the co-owners era.'

'I watched, and I watched as the status of EHDW just declined. I watched until I couldn't take it no more, and now i'm back. I'm here to take control of my dream, my life. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. I'd like you to meet some of my friends.'

*Leon points to the stage*

Big Shows music hits, and he is joined by Ezekiel Jackson and Brock Lesnar. All three men march down to the ring, saying nothing. Looking deadly silent, taking their place behind ex-owner Leon.

'Phil, i'd like you to meet the house of domination. A faction led by myself, with the view of taking control of EHDW once more.

Nothing will ever be the same again, I promise you that. Phil, enjoy your job while you can because your days are numbered my friend.

*Leon drops the mic and goes to the back, closely followed by the house of domination.*
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Phillip Phillips


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PostSubject: Re: You really thought I'd quit?   Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:21 pm

The crowd cheered as soon as Phillip's music hit. He walked down the ramp, not taking his eyes off Leon, with a disappointed expression. After walking up the steel steps and entering the ring, he sighed and began to speak.

Leon... you don't want to be a whore, now do you? Because it sure seems like you do.

He shrugged.

But seriously, Leon. I thought you were my bro. But I guess not... dude, that's not cool. You and me both know it was your idea to merge the two feds, and I reluctantly agreed. Leon, all I did ever since we merged was make the place better. And what did you do? Hm, let me think about it.

He very briefly paused.

Oh yeah, I remember: nothing. Absolutely nothing. Leon, all I did while you were gone was make this place better. Since you left, I got this place... what, 7 new members? When you started HDW, only a few people joined that weren't already in EWF.

Phillip appeared to be finished, but then thought of something else.

Oh, by the way, I never asked for your help in EWF. Just for the record, I never have needed help with anything, I don't need help with anything, and I never will need help with anything.

After Phillip's side of the story, the crowd had a mixed reaction. They were unsure which one was telling the truth, but they liked both so they didn't know whether they wanted to cheer or boo either of them. Phillip lowered the microphone and glared at Leon, waiting to see if he would reply.

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You really thought I'd quit?
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