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 GD speaks on the iron shiek

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Golden Dragon/quackenbush


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PostSubject: GD speaks on the iron shiek   Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:31 pm

We now return from comercials in a room with Golden Dragon and Thor Jørgensen.

Thor Jørgensen: So, Golden Dragon...

The Golden Dragon: Shut up, Thor. I don't want to hear your stupid Scottish accent, and nobody else does either You know what I did to you. I ended your career. Don't make me expand that to your life.

Thor Jørgensen: Well, you didn't end my career. Like I said before, it was just--

The Golden Dragon: What did I tell you? I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP. Now, on to my match with the Iron Sheik. It will be a camel vs. a dragon. An old fat guy vs. fresh, young talent. Iron Sheik really doesn't stand a chance. He may have defeated people like Hulk Hogan and Bob Bucktooth, but he won't beat me. I'll quote a famous saying of his... "fuck the tommorow". And he couldn't be more right. It doesn't matter about what happens tommorow, all that matters it what happens today. And today, I will make him tap in fear of the fierce dragon. A move that has ended careers.

Thor Jørgesnen: It hasn't ended any careers. Are you deaf? I got my injuries from wrestling in general--

The Golden Dragon: I told you not to speak. Besides, I have a trick up my sleeve that will help me beat Iron Sheik. Now, I must get ready for my match against the fucking iron sheet fucker.
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GD speaks on the iron shiek
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