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 Power 10

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Phillip Phillips


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PostSubject: Power 10   Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:31 pm

1. Cole Scorpio
Cole Scorpio has been on a roll lately, not only achieving a EHDW Championship match, but dominating in his promos and matches.

2. Michael Cole
Michael Cole has also been doing well, competing against Cole Scorpio for the EHDW Championship and defeating The Golden Dragon in their match on Demolition.

3. Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes debuted with a bang, immediately demanding an International title match at Meltdown.

4. Mark Henry
Mark Henry has been dominating the roster, not only with a winning streak, but earning a Hardcore Championship match for Meltdown.

5. Stuart Baldwin
Stuart has been on a winning streak, and will finally be able to fight his rival, Wade Barrett, on Meltdown.

6. Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips accepted Cody Rhodes' challenge for an International Championship match at Meltdown, and later attacked him during his match with AJ Styles.

7. AJ Styles
AJ Styles has seems to be trying to get himself involved in the International title situation, and is appearing to succeed, especially after defeating Cody Rhodes in their debut match.

8. Alfred Perez
Alfred Perez has earned himself a title shot for Meltdown, but has not been very active recently.

9. The Golden Dragon
The Golden Dragon has not only been on a winning streak, but showed dominance by demanding a match for Demolition.

10. The Iron Sheik
The Iron Sheik won his first match on Carnage, providing some very... interesting promos.

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Power 10
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