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 Cole Scorpio signing in

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Cole Scorpio


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PostSubject: Cole Scorpio signing in   Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:06 pm

Wrestler name: Cole Scorpio

Billed height: 5' 11"

Billed weight: 210lbs

Frequent moves: Butterfly, belly-to-belly, belly-to-back, german, regal, backdrop suplex, all different kinds of suplexes. Jumping headbutt on a downed opponent. Springboard dropkick. Asian mist with flesh. Superkick. Over the top-rope dive

Signature moves: Springboard Shooting Star DDT, 2 belly-to-bellys before a stiff german.

Finishing moves: Powerbomb Facebuster, Canadian Crossface

RP your own match

Heel/Face/Tweener: Tweener, leaning towards heel more than face.

Sample RP: We welcome you back, in the middle of this match between Cole Scorpio and his nemesis, Rey-Vaughn. This feud has been going a long time, and they show no signs of slowing down in this match yet. During the commercial Cole hit an absolutely MASSIVE belly-to-back suplex right onto the steel steps. He remains in control of the match in the ring right now, with a surfboard stretch applied to Rey in the middle of the ring. Rey is attempting to fight out of it, and it looks like his back was opened up. Blood is just GUSHING out of his back. Rey is on his knees, Cole is trying his best to keep him on the ground but it just isn't working! Rey is up, and he's flipped Cole over! Cole is up, dropkick by Rey! Cole is on the ground, Rey's going for the desperation pin, kickout at 1! Rey is up again, he's rebounding off the ropes, oooh massive clothesline! Rey is pinning him again, kickout at 2 this time! Rey is picking him up, he's got him ready for the suplex, up he goes aaaaand down he goes! Rey transitions smoothly, and is pinning him again, kickout! Rey is setting up for a big boot, Cole ducks SUPERKICK! IT'S ALL OVER! Cole is going for the cover KICKOUT! OH MY GOD! COLE IS UP, Rey is rolling out of the ring, COLE JUST JUMPED OVER THE TOP ROPE! HE BLASTS REY WITH HIS LEGS ON THE WAY DOWN, essentially a flip-kick dive! We've got to head to commercial again, the last of the night!
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Cole Scorpio signing in
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