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 A surprise debut.

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PostSubject: A surprise debut.   Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:58 pm

The arena goes quiet, the fans know what time it is, the time for a new superstar to debut in EHDW. It has been long awaited, nobody has any idea who it could be. The buzz can be felt throughout the building as the tension and excitement rises.

Jim Ross: Well it's time, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to witness the debut of someone new here in EHDW!

Thor Jørgensen: I've heard a lot of rumours, JR, I have no idea who it's going to be.

The lights turn down and the fans cheer out of excitement, the commentators stop speaking, simply watching their monitors, waiting to see who it is that Phillip Phillips hired. The lights turn up and the fans cheer as a famous theme song echos throughout the arena.

The music continues to play for a while, the fans eventually catch on and wonder what's going on. The arena eventually goes back to silence.

Thor Jørgensen: What the hell?

Jim Ross: Well that's the music of Jeff Hardy playing right now, but I see no Jeff!

The music cuts out and the fans boo. A new theme tune plays suddenly, making everyone jump.

The crowd boo loudly as they see the name "Matt Hardy" written across the screen. Matt walks out onto the stage slowly, wearing a black button shirt and jeans, his hair is tied back in a ponytail. Matt looks around at all the people booing him in the arena, his expression doesn't change at all, an expression of cold nothingness. He starts to make his way down the ramp, the fans still booing him viciously as he does so.


Thor Jørgensen: Well it has been said that Phillip Phillips signed someone new over the past week, this is obviously the aquisition! What a great one at that!

Matt climbs the steel steps and gets into the ring, he looks around once more at the many fans all hating him in unison, he is handed a mic and returns to the center of the ring, looking straight forward. His theme dies down and the fans stop booing in order to hear what he has to say.

I fooled you didn't I? And the sad thing is, you all wanted to see my brother instead of me. My brother.... Jeff Hardy.

The fans cheer loudly at the sound of Jeff's name, Matt shakes his head.

Cheer for him all you like, he can't hear you. You see my.... Brother, Jeff, is not on this show, I am. The superior Hardy, Matthew Moore Hardy. It's taken me this long to come to realise that no matter what I do for you people, no matter what I say, you all still love Jeff over me, I've been tag team champion more times than your average wrestler could dream of, I've been champion of the United States, champion of ECW. I've held so many titles, yet not enough to earn any of your respect... And I know why. It's because I don't act the same way as Jeff does, I don't run out to the ring wearing face paint, I'm not an enigma. I don't do the Swanton Bomb from 20ft ladders. I don't put my life on the line for you because a long time ago I realised that none of you were worth it, I just never showed it until now. Now is the time of Matt Hardy, I will make you respect me whether you like it or not.

The crowd boo.

But then again, why should I? I don't need my talent to be confirmed by you, who are you people to judge my skills. You people are nothing. I worked from the ground up to become a professional wrestler, you didn't, and neither did Jeff. That's right, I helped Jeff get to the top because he wasn't capable of doing it himself, he's not responsible like that and never will be. I fear for his newborn child's saftey, I really do. You may all remember that I showed my true colours once before, it even ended up with me having to beat Jeff until he could do no more, in front of so many fans. So many... People like you.

Matt pauses for a second, then carries on.

But then I realised that it was not the right time, I made ammends with my brother, even though I never meant it, I helped my brother through his troubles, even though I cared not. I thought I had a chance at gaining you people as believers, but yet here I stand, still under the shadow of my little brother, a person I helped to get here, a person that never thanked me for anything. I was the one that organised TTWF, I was the one that got us through Omega, to WWE, even here in EHDW, yet still I am 100% overlooked. I stressed this to Phillip Phillips and he understood, he understood what others in the past failed to, that I am a prodigy, I am proud to say I am not Jeff Hardy because Matt Hardy always was and always will be better. Jeff, you might not be here right now but when I meet you in an EHDW ring, I will make you pay for what you have done to my career, I will make you pay for using me and disgracing our family. I will make you... Pay.

Matt looks down at the mat, the crowd boo him loudly. He looks back up and begins pacing around the ring.

Which leads me to my first opponent here in Extreme High Definition Wrestling- Cole Scorpio, or Cole114 as he likes to call himself. I don't know what to say about Cole as I've never encountered him before, I do not care about him or the match tonight, in my eyes he is simply a stepping stone on my road to becoming the champion of this company and proving to each and every one of you, I am not only as good, but better than my unfortunate accident brother. Cole Scorpio, prepare yourself, I am not going to relent from making a statement out of you, I will not show the mercy I have foolishly shown to people in the past, you my friend are just a few hours away from stepping into the ring with me, Cold Blooded, Matthew Moore Hardy, just a few hours away from slipping up and receiving a Twist Of Hate... And trust me, you wont feel so great once I have put you in your place.

Matt drops the mic, the fans begin to boo and chant "You suck".

Jim Ross: Strong words there from an angry young man, Matt Hardy really has had a change of heart!

Thor Jørgensen: Yeah, and I worry for the well being of Cole Scorpio, and definitely Matt's own brother, Jeff!

Matt leaves the ring, walks back up the ramp and out of sight....

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A surprise debut.
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