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 And the NEEW GM is...

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Anton Hinston

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PostSubject: And the NEEW GM is...   Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:46 pm

Die Trying hits the PA system, and the crowd seems confused to see this man out here again.
Anton Hinston walks out wearing a black suit.
More confusion from the crowd.
He walks down the ramp, gets in the ring and is handed a mic by EHDW personnel.

Remember when I left HDW? Well, now I'm back and better than ever. You all know what I can do in the ring... just look at my reign as ICW World Champion. But now... now I have been signed a new job. I am the manager of none other than... Mark Henry!

Fans start booing.

Come on! He's good in the ring! But look... I understand you all... I only made that deal because it's good for business. My business. But I have also signed a deal that I did for personal reasons AND business reasons. I'm signed to be the NEEW GM of Invasion.

The crowd goes wild for the newly signed GM, Anton Hinston.

But that's a lie...

Fans stop cheering and now boo.

Anton Hinston
Wait, wait, wait! It's because it will now be known as Carnage. And that show is where I am GM. So enjoy the show!

Die Trying re-hits and Anton Hinston walks out again after taunting the cheering crowd.

The camera fades to black.
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And the NEEW GM is...
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