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 A DASHING debut

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Cody Rhodes


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PostSubject: A DASHING debut   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:41 am

The lighting turned into a shadowy dark blue, as the crowd wondered what the hell was going on...
Just as suddenly as the blackout had happened, a man with a black hoodie walked meticulously towards the ramp...
He turned away from the camera, trying to push it away from his face, and the crowd in the front row could see that he had an odd, transparent mask covering his nose.

He then summoned someone from the back, as two men holding a plethora of paper bags walked out from the back...

"As a service to you... and at great expense to me... I am providing you with these paper bags, so I, and the worldwide television audience, can be relieved of the burden of seeing the foulness of your facades..."

The men holding the paper bags started handing out the bags to the front row.
"It is truly a shame that there is not a large enough paper bag to cover the entirety of New York City..."

The crowd boos loudly, as the baggers hand out the rest of the bags to the front row.

"And of course, we need a set of bags to cover the heads of the pathetic New York Rangers to shield them from their multiple losses to the far superior Tampa Bay Lightning... but unlike the New York Rangers, I am a future superstar... a future icon... people around the world will look up to me... just watch."

The man threw the mic to the floor, exited the ring, and walked to the back, as the lighting returned to normal.
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