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 Mark Henry EHDW debut

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Mark Henry


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PostSubject: Mark Henry EHDW debut   Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:30 pm

Mark Henry makes his apperance onto the stage, looking around a change of scenery. Mark Henry begins walking down to the ring. He climbs the steps and enters with a mic in hand.

"You all know who I am. I am Mark Henry, the World's Strongest Man. Nothing has changed. Sure, we got two companies merged together to make EHDW. But to me it's just the same damn thing. The company I have been in was EWF and to remind everyone, I have dominated every person that was set to face me. No man in EWF has beaten me one on one. I have beaten people like Jeff Hardy not once. but twice. I have dismantled The Rock... and we all knew what happened to him. Next, I annihilated both Austin Cross and Phillip Phillips to cost them their championships. But those things I have done is in the past, and now I'm more concerned with the future of Mark Henry."

The crowd boos.

"What the future holds for Mark Henry is to dominate yet again, and earn a spot to become the first ever EHDW Champion. I beleive no one can beat me. It doesn't matter how many things change, I will adapt to my surroundings. I will destroy the competition that is in front of me. NO one is safe from the me. I'm putting every Demolition wrestler on notice that Mark Henry is here to dominate and there is not one damn thing that any of you all can do about it! Also I would like to say, wrestlers over at Invasion, don't think that you all are safe either because if I get drafted to Invasion or anything like that happens, you will meet the same fate as everyone else. If you all don't believe what I say I can do to people then watch this clip and then you will see that I am serious... and I will show you all NO MERCY!"

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Mark Henry EHDW debut
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