Two of the best e-feds around... joined into one.
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 Welcome to EHDW!

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Phillip Phillips


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PostSubject: Welcome to EHDW!   Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:56 pm

Welcome to Extreme High-Definition Wrestling, a wrestling e-fed created after Extreme Wrestling Federation and High-Definition Wrestling merged.

First of all, I am thesamoanbulldozer from the Smackdown vs. Raw forums.

I would recommend checking the Announcements section every so often, and reading all stickied threads.
You may also sign up as two different wrestlers, but you have to make a separate account for each and you can only sign up as a maximum of two different wrestlers.

If you've never been in an e-fed before, that's okay.
Here's how things are done:

First of all, you have to tell me whether you want to RP the shows yourself or if you want me to write it out for you.
If you choose to RP the match yourself, you will just write a post with all the moves you do, and you and your opponent(s) will take turn posting the moves.
If you choose to have me write it for you, I will choose who wins depending on how well you RP/make promos/whatever, then I will write out the match with all the moves you do and such.

I will put you with whoever chooses the same thing; for example, if User 1 wants to RP the shows themself, User 2 wants me to write it out, and User 3 wants to RP it themself, I will put User 1 in a match with User 3, and User 2 will be in a match with another user that wants me to write it out.

I will PM you the scripts, usually on SvRc, but if for some reason one of us can't, I will send it to you on here.
The scripts will have all the matches, who wins, and promos in between.
Also, I will gladly take any suggestions for feuds, matches, match types, etc. but there's no guarantee I will use them.

Even if you aren't having me write out a match for you, you can post a promo in the 'Promos' section at any time.

If you are not available to appear at a show, please let me know beforehand (unless something happens where you can't, like a power outage). Not appearing at a couple shows is fine, but if you constantly do it, you will be either banned or suspended.
Also, please try to talk OOC (out of character) as little as possible during matches, but if you do put parentheses around what you're saying OOC and I will remove it from the post later.
To RP, you can do up to four moves in a post (tie ups, pins, getting a weapon (but not using it), and taunting do not count as moves).

Here is an sample RP for if you write the matches yourself:

User 1: (insert link to User 1's entrance music) User 1 sped down the ramp and slid into the ring. He climbed up to the top rope, raising both arms. He jumped off, then did the same on the three other turnbuckles.
User 2: (insert link to User 2's entrance music) User 2 drove up to the stage in a red 1964 Mustang Convertible, honking the horn multiple times. He then climbed out of the car and walked down the ramp, grinning as he pointed to the crowd. He walked up the ramp and over the top rope into the ring. He yanked on the rope, then stopped and the ref rang the bell.
User 1: User 1 quickly locked User 2 up in a collar and elbow tie up. He then took a hold of his head and pulled him over into a headlock take down. He stomped on a grounded User 2, then lifted him up and went for a powerbomb...
User 2: User 2 desperately punched User 1 in the head, then shifted all his weight forward into a seated senton, landing right on User 1's head. He then leaned over him and hooked his leg for the pin. 1... 2...

Please try to use proper grammar and spelling the best you can, and don't reverse every move done to you. If you have bad grammar/spelling, it will most likely affect how well you do in the business. Although I probably will change the grammar in your post, keep that in mind if you're constantly losing. Also, please use the same tense in your posted as whoever started. If your opponent RPs in past tense, then do the same. If you're starting, feel free to pick whatever tense you want. Except for future tense. Because that just doesn't sound right.
Try to make the matches at least two pages. Maybe a little less, but I don't want a super short squash match unless, for whatever reason, it's supposed to be. Try to make the posts & promos fairly long, too.


  • Swearing is allowed.

  • Although you can 'barge in' (for lack of a better word) on someone's promo by attacking someone, please don't do this for every person's promo. Once in a while is fine, but if you're gonna get involved in a promo, at least say/do something relevant once in a while.

  • You must fill out and post a contract in the 'Contracts' section to join. It would be nice if you would let me know on SvRc before joining, but it's not necessary.

  • When making an account, make your username the name of the wrestler you are signing up as. You can sign up as a caw or a real wrestler (they don't have to be in WWE).

  • If you aren't active for a week, you will be warned. If you are still not active for another week, you will get a second and final warning. If you continue to be inactive after the two warnings, you will be banned.

  • Most importantly, have fun. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

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Welcome to EHDW!
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